Terms of service

At Swiss 500 we like to keep things simple. We don’t like technical jargon or big words for the sake of it. If there is anything in these terms and conditions that you don’t understand, please contact us at play@swiss500.co.uk and we’ll try to explain it so that you do.

1) About Swiss 500

1.1) Swiss 500 is a digital marketing agency connecting brands and influencers via brrand awarenss campaigns and luxury brand skill based competitions managed and promoted by Swiss 500 Ltd

2) About the competition

2.1) The competition is open to all those that live in the UK and are aged 18 years and over, except for Swiss 500 employees, their family members or anyone that is connected with the running of the competition. Entry is Opened to any residents worldwide

2.2) To enter the competition you will be asked to agree to these terms and conditions.

2.3) To start you will choose your watch from the options on our website. When the competition closes, if you’re the winner, the Watch is yours!

2.4) To enter you must take part in our skill based challenge. This is the fun bit. We might use other challenges, but usually you’ll be asked to guess the number of gears inside the cube. You can increase your chances of winning but purchases more entries (tickets).

2.5) If you win (and we hope that you do) with your prior consent your name, location and images of you and your winning watch will be used by Swiss 500 in marketing materials to promote the competition.

2.6) Each competition lasts until all tickets are sold. this shouldn't take any longer than 4-5 weeks. Should for any reason all tickets not be sold we will refund all purchases. 

2.7) one winner will be chosen at random.

2.8) We love to personally hand-deliver our Watch prizes. We must be able to deliver your watch within 28 days from when we first contact you and this is only open to some UK residents depending on location, we will confirm if we will present the watch in person to you at the time of contacting the winner.

2.9) Lets hope this never happens, but in the unfortunate event that you win and we can’t contact you within 28 days of the competition closing you will have lost your prize. Please make sure you answer our calls and emails to avoid this. We will always consider mitigating circumstances, but in the interests of fairness, we may announce another winner if there’s a ‘closest’ runner up, or advertise your Watch as a prize in a separate competition. If you lose your prize, no alternatives or compensation will be provided.

2.10) We hope we don’t ever have to, but we do reserve the right to withhold prizes if we believe there is good cause to do so. It’s really important that we protect our brand and the integrity of the competition for all our loyal players and followers.

2.11) Unfortunately, if you fail to make your entry in time, not submitted online or just incomplete, we cannot make allowances for this.

2.11) If you enter a competition your entry is valid only for that specific competition until the drawer closes.

2.13) You can play as many times as you like each competition, and might increase your chances of winning depending on how many tickets you buy.

2.14) We may change these terms and conditions if necessary to ensure Swiss 500 can continue in the spirit it is intended. We also reserve the right to cancel the competition if it is compromised in any way.

3) Payments and charges

3.1) The cost of playing is based on the number of tickets you buy.

3.2) Ticket prices are payable in UK pounds sterling (£) and are inclusive of VAT.

3.3) Payment is required for your tickets to be valid.

3.4) If you feel the need to question any payments made to Swiss 500, we feel it's only right to point out that refunds are only provided in exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of Swiss 500 ltd, following a full review of your use of the website and the information you were presented with and provided as part of your entry.

3.5) For card payments, payment amounts are reserved until the transaction is completed, at which point the full payment is taken. If for any reason the transaction does not complete the funds will be released in approximately 3 - 5 days.

4) Marketing messages

4.1) If you opt in to receive marketing, or join the Swiss 500 Community, we may send you marketing messages based on your communication preferences.

4.2) If you don’t want to receive marketing messages from Swiss 500 please click the “unsubscribe” link in marketing emails. You can also send an email with a subject of ‘opt out of marketing’ to play@swis500.co.uk More information on how your personal information is used by Swiss 500 can be found in our privacy policy.

5) Important information

5.1) If you win, we will ask you for a suitable location to personally deliver your Watch. This could be a local hotel, restaurant or public place. It doesn’t have to be your home address.

5.2) If you win, and you decide to engage your local press, or other media, to celebrate your good fortune, we ask that all materials are pre-approved by the Swiss 500 Management team. Please send these requests through play@swiss500.co.uk

5.3) The content on our website is general information and is not intended to be used as advice.

5.4) We’ll always try to keep our website up-to-date, but we can’t promise or guarantee that it will be.

5.5) Whilst we love our Swiss 500 community, we will not be held liable to you for any losses, damages, negligence, wrongful acts, infringement of your rights, or otherwise, even if they can be predicted in advance, when connected with:

5.5.1) your taking part in our competition;

5.5.2) problems with taking part in our competition;

5.5.3) your use of or reliance on our website content. In particular, we will not be liable for:

5.5.3) loss of profits, sales, business, or revenue;

5.5.4) business interruption;

5.5.5) loss of anticipated savings;

5.5.6) loss of business opportunity, goodwill or reputation; or any indirect or consequential loss or damage.

5.6) This competition is operated under the laws of England and Wales and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

6) Celebrity Delivery Campaign

6.1) at times we may have a celebrity guest attend a watch delivery with us, this will be communicated to all customers on the website at the time of purchasing a ticket.